Twilio Flex

One of the most significant challenges faced by businesses in an increasingly digitized marketplace is providing consistent customer experiences across siloed service lines, departments, and communications channels. Twilio Flex empowers your front-line staff with a unified customer experience across all of your organization’s digital channels.

Our post-pandemic marketplace has permanently impacted customer expectations for remote access to customer service, purchasing, and support. With mounting frustrations over ever extending wait times, organizations that aren’t adapting are missing countless opportunities to provide excellent customer service.

Twilio Flex gives you a single-window view into customer interactions, provides contextualized insights and uses automated workflows to create a new baseline for next-generation, personalized customer interactions.

Why do we use Twilio Flex?

Build An integrated Customer Ecosystem Under One Hood

Twilio Flex can integrate with a wide range of APIs to collect customer interactions and manage tasks across multiple channels, including WhatsApp, social media, webchats, and SMS.

Use Workflows And Automation To Improve Efficiency

Front-line teams and managers can set their teams up for success by implementing department-specific workflows, escalations, and automations with ease.

Collect And Share Business Insights

Your teams can build custom dashboards and reporting interfaces that track their insights and performance against organizational KPIs. Use these insights to make quick decisions that improve efficiency and your customer's experience.

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