Microsoft Excel Services

Much more than a file viewer in your web browser, Excel Services enables the automation of data-centric business processes and visualization through SharePoint Server.

We often take advantage of Excel Services when our clients are looking to expose mission critical data to their employees. There are three main components within Excel Services that give us the flexibility we need: Excel Calculation Services, which is the workhorse behind any Excel Services solution, Excel Web Access, through which a user can interact with the workbook, and Excel Web Services, through which our developers can build custom applications based on the workbook.

What’s the power behind Excel Services?

Leverage Existing Investments in Excel

Many organizations have already started the groundwork behind an Excel Services solution: Excel workbooks existing throughout your business, and can form the strategy behind a solid data visualization tool.

Protect Your Data Investments

If your employees are emailing Excel workbooks around, they’re doing it wrong. Use SharePoint and Excel Services to properly govern and secure your data, and calculations, while at the same time, ensuring that your staff is always using the latest version.

Empower Excel Users, Anywhere

Your sales team is on the road, and operations is on-site. Make sure that everyone is using the same version of the same spreadsheet using an Excel Services solution.

SharePoint and Excel Services

Portals and Collaboration

When people work together, they do more. With extensive expertise in employee, customer, and partner portal development, Punchcard is your partner for collaborative technology.

Data and Dashboards

Today, you need to understand your data, so that tomorrow, you can make better decisions. We’re pretty good at helping leaders empower their teams.

Cloud Infrastructure

Today’s decision makers are asking, “So, what exactly is this cloud thing?” We can help you figure out whether or not your business should be in that cloud or not.

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