Microsoft 365, SharePoint, & Teams

The standard in collaboration, content management and portals, the Microsoft 365 platform, composed of Office 365, SharePoint, and Teams, is trusted by millions of organizations around the world as the platform to encourage employee productivity and knowledge management.

The team at Punchcard has been working with SharePoint and SharePoint Online since inception, and has thousands of hours of experience configuring and customizing the platform, for hundreds of clients. An expertly-designed Microsoft 365 implementation can enhance your employee’s existing competencies, while unlocking previously forgotten data and expertise.

25% of enterprise decision makers are committed to building their ECM, RM and collaboration around SharePoint. For 22% it remains their ECM system of choice for the foreseeable future, and 28% will stick to it for the next few years – in total, 75% remain committed to the platform.

Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint, AIIM: The Global Community of Information Professionals

Why do we use SharePoint?

It’s More Than Just Software

SharePoint, and the rest of Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity toolset is more than just software: it’s a platform to empower your business.

We Can Deliver Rapid Value

Building on top of the SharePoint platform means that, on day one, we’re productive, which means higher value to stakeholders in your organization.

A Trusted Technology Brand

Microsoft is trusted by more technology leaders to run critical business infrastructure than any other brand. And trust, well, that’s pretty important to us.

Related Expertise in SharePoint and Microsoft 365

Portals and Collaboration

When people work together, they do more. With extensive expertise in employee, customer, and partner portal development, Punchcard is your partner for collaborative technology.

Data and Dashboards

Today, you need to understand your data, so that tomorrow, you can make better decisions. We’re pretty good at helping leaders empower their teams.

Cloud Infrastructure

Today’s decision makers are asking, “So, what exactly is this cloud thing?” We can help you figure out whether or not your business should be in that cloud or not.

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