Digital Workplaces

Unlock the trapped value of your team and your tools to transform your organization.

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Every organization is a digital workplace.

We have been creating digital workplaces ever since we introduced machines into organizations. They started with telephones and faxes, then word processors, document storage, and email. As organizations grow in size and complexity, teams are overwhelmed with information, and it becomes more difficult to work efficiently and collaboratively.

In today's context, Digital Workplace is the strategic implementation of one or more pieces of software to achieve business objectives, improve collaboration, and drive value for your organization.

An effective digital workplace can help your organization:

Grow and scale into different locations and customer segments.
Maintain a competitive advantage through rapid innovation.
Attract and retain high performing staff.
Improve your team culture.
Communicate and deliver better for your customers.
Increase confidence of your investors, partners, and other stakeholders.

In order to stay competitive, we need to figure out how teams and customers expect to engage with our organizations, and use digital tools to augment their experience.

“The Digital Workplace enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility, and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.”

Gartner, leading research and advisory company
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Digital Workplace is a Journey, not a Destination

Your digital workplace is always changing, just like your business. Simply implementing new technology is not going to help you adapt to these changes. ​The technology is simply the building blocks—but the mindset, process, and governance are the connective tissue that maximize the capabilities of your software. Our goal as digital workplace experts is to make sure the tools suit your business, not the other way around.

Digital workplace scale from fertile ground to technology-forward organization.

Start with the Quick Wins

If you’re already using any combination of digital tools in your workplace, you’re on the right track. But chances are, you’re leaving some value on the table.

Our Digital Workplace Opportunity Assessment will help us identify some immediate actionable ways to improve your digital workplace to improve efficiency, lower costs, and of course, create a workplace where your team feels appreciated and valued for their contribution. 

This assessment should take you no more than five minutes to fill out.

Get started

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Elements of a Digital Workplace

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Modern Communications Framework

This is the foundation that enables distributed work. Map your technology to your business processes and outcomes, instead of expecting your team to adapt to your tech. If you’re already using Office365, let’s ensure your Teams infrastructure is set up to act as your organizing layer for all the ways people work, learn, and collaborate.

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Digital Workplace Roadmap

A customized roadmap that audits your current digital workplace and identifies opportunities for improvement. We will help you set workplace effectiveness goals, identify internal champions, map out implementation sprints to optimize your technology and build new tools, and establish performance metrics.

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Build a digital home for your organization where you can share company or departmental updates, corporate wins, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and keep commonly used documents at everyone’s fingertips. Build an intranet that works within your Modern Communications Framework and keep your team connected and engaged.

Workflows and automation icon

Workflows and Automation

Unlock capacity within your team. With Microsoft Power Automate, we can trigger automations and workflows directly within your Teams environment, for simple processes like approvals and requests all the way to more detailed conditional branching that leverages AI-powered decision making.

Data and dashboards icon

Data & Dashboards

Uncover insights across your organization. Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service that allows you to collect, analyze and share data across your organization. Know how your business is performing at all times, with customized dashboards and interactive reports based on company-wide and department KPIs.

Governance and lifecycle management icon

Governance & Lifecycle Management

As organizations shift to digital workspaces, organizations will be dealing with larger volumes of documents and information than ever before. We can help design and implement governance for how your digital workspaces are managed, and implement lifecycle management automation to ensure projects are properly archived.

Custom apps and Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Custom Apps in Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Using Microsoft Teams as a development framework, we can use PowerApps to build standalone web and mobile apps or customize existing apps in Office 365 with less coding effort than a traditional app development framework. PowerApps simplifies the process to develop immersive apps by connecting with hundreds of data sources for events and actions, both from Microsoft and other vendors.