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Maximize your investment in Microsoft 365 and improve your organization’s communication, collaboration, and productivity.

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Digital workplace tools transform the way you work.

In today's context, Digital Workplace is the strategic implementation of one or more pieces of software to achieve business objectives, improve collaboration, and drive value for your organization.

For many organizations, their main digital workplace toolset is the Microsoft Modern Workplace suite of tools—Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, and others. While these tools are simple and intuitive, they are also powerful and flexible, and there is much more to them than meets the eye.

When organizations start tapping into the potential of these tools, they can see big improvements in:

  • Collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

“The Digital Workplace enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility, and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.”

Gartner, leading research and advisory company

Our Digital Workplace Solutions

Teams and SharePoint Optimization

Most organizations paying for Microsoft 365 licenses are only taking advantage of 10% of the value.

By optimizing your implementation, we can help you:

  • Save money on redundant technology
  • Improve chat and video functions in Teams
  • Create a more seamless environment for documents to be organized, shared, and worked on collaboratively.

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Business Process Automation

We can use your existing Microsoft 365 license to develop solutions that simplify and accelerate your existing business processes—with an extremely low learning curve.

  • Cut countless hours of administrative burden by automating repetitive processes
  • Replace Excel spreadsheets, manual processes and other 3rd-party software by leveraging existing tools
  • Scale operations with a digital-first approach

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Intranet and Cloud Storage Solutions

Intranets don't need to be massive, onerous undertakings—we can get you started with something practical that is designed specifically for your team today, with the flexibility to grow with you in the future.

  • Implement unique permissions for document access
  • Grant multiple levels of administration
  • Design a user-friendly interface to help your staff manage your intranet yourselves

Our Partnership With Microsoft Runs Deep

Microsoft Partner

The Microsoft Partner Network is composed of 64,000 worldwide partners, vendors, and service providers that build and sell solutions on Microsoft platforms. These partners include systems integrators, equipment manufacturers, software vendors, resellers, as well as application development agencies, like Punchcard.

Punchcard is a certified partner, with a expertise application development and modern workplace tools, with a focus on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft and Office 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform solutions. This certification means that the team at Punchcard has proven key competencies through assessments, employee training and certifications, and project successes.

If You're Not Sure Where to Start, This Tool Can Help

Punchcard's Digital Workplace Opportunity Assessment can help you identify actionable ways to improve your digital workplace.

Within one week, you will receive a customized report with recommendations specific to your organization.

This assessment should take you no more than five minutes to fill out.

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