About Us

Based in Edmonton and Calgary, we’re a band of technologists that get excited when we get to tackle hard-to-solve problems.

Punchcard's mascot Punchy holding a cup of coffee and saying hi.

Meet the Punchcardigans

We are a team of strategy, user experience, and software development professionals with a focus on creating amazing digital products and platforms. We’re fiercely proud of our team, and the value that we can create alongside the folks that we work with.

Meet the team

The Punchcard Story

Founded by two entrepreneurs who believe that software can accelerate your business, not distract it, Punchcard Systems is an Alberta-based technology consulting firm that focuses on partnerships over profits, and developing unbreakable relationships that last the test of time. We like to think of ourselves as tactile consultants; we’re the team that supports your people through innovative thinking, and we like to push to make sure you’re getting the best value for your technology investment. We’re based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but we have clients all across the country. We’re good at what we do, and we’re passionate about making a difference in your business. Give us a call, and let’s talk about how we can get things started.

Understanding our Core Values

Show up, take risks, and ship it.

We strive for creative solutions to complex problems. We travel the path of innovation by seeking unexpected and practical ways to solve everyday challenges. But, above all else, we ship working software.

Open up to what makes us unique.

We value different opinions, skills, and backgrounds. With our diverse perspectives comes a breadth of knowledge that can challenge our conventional ways of doing things and make things better.

Team up—we are stronger together.

We think it’s important to act in ways that make our clients proud to be working with us. Respect is so important to us that we talk about it every single day, and we make sure that we hold ourselves to a high standard.

Stand up and do what’s right.

We believe everyone comes to work each day with good intentions and the desire to do their best; but integrity is also about how you respond when there are obstacles.

Step up and make an impact.

Every single member of the Punchcard team is empowered to make great decision, every day. It means taking the initiative to bring about positive results and being accountable regularly.

Level up; master your craft.

We are always learning and pushing ourselves to new heights. We know that our reputation is on the line, and the pursuit of excellence is how we can succeed when others might fail.

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