Build a career with us.

We’re on the lookout to find awesome people to add to our team of senior consultants, technologists, strategists, and wizards.

We know that you’re looking for an opportunity to grow, and to thrive. That’s why we want you to come work with us here at Punchcard. Our small and growing team is looking to add people who have natural leadership abilities, are comfortable taking their own initiative, are confident in living in technology, and have a built-in curiosity that drives them to learn new things.

After being short-listed as an ideal candidate, you’ll be invited to participate in two in-person interviews. First, we interview for cultural fit; do we share the same values? Will you add that je ne sais quoi to our band of merry creators? These interviews tend to be more casual, with a focus on creating dialogue.

After that, your second interview is for technical compentency. You’ll be provided with a bit of homework, and come back to talk with members of our delivery team, who will ask you questions about what you like to work on, projects you’ve worked on, and technical challenges you’ve faced.

For the most part, we don’t want you to be nervous about joining our team. You’re interviewing us just as much as we’re interviewing you.

At Punchcard, I get to work with like-minded friends who challenge me to become better. Together, we solve puzzles to help our clients in their day-to-day lives.

— Mark Zacharias, Developer Team Lead

Our Un-corporate Values

We take pride in our work.

Punchcardigans (Punchcardites? Punchcardios?) act in ways that make us proud, and we’re always, always learning.

We always make an impact.

We don’t create things that get forgotten; we build things that are remembered.

We lead; we don’t follow.

Through every engagement, we teach, we empower, and we excite.

We create value, everyday.

We like to think that every interaction—with a client, with a partner, and with colleagues—is an opportunity to add value to a relationship.

Let’s have a coffee. No pressure.

We hire people, not submissions, so it’s probably best if we sit down for a cup of coffee (or something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.) and see if there’s a good fit. If one of the following opportunities makes you excited, give us a shout.


Front-End & JavaScript Developer

We do lots of different types of development at Punchcard, so being on our Development Team means you get to play with lots of different types of technology. We’re looking for developers who fit a bunch of different moulds: mobile developers with experience in iOS or Android development, and web developers, with experience with .NET and JavaScript.

In this role, you’ll help create mobile and web applications that people love to use, either for products we support internally, or for one of our many clients.

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Web Designer

A Web Designer at Punchcard gets to stretch both their left and right brains, working with our solution design team in planning in apps and software development projects, and working with our development team for implementation.

In this role, you’ll help create mobile and web applications that are easy-to-use, and act as an advocate for user-centered design in our development processes.

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Web, Mobile, or SharePoint Developer

We’re pretty busy over here at Punchcard, building some pretty cool stuff. We’d like to add a few more developers to our team, with a focus in web, mobile app, or SharePoint platform development. Do you have interest or capability in any of those areas? Let us know!

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Sr. Web & Application Developer

We’re adding some senior development capabilities to our team, in the form of a Senior Web or Application Developer. You probably have experience with a bunch of different technologies, and are keen to come to work at a job that values your abilities to solve problems using some pretty neat technology for our clients. We have a lot of pretty interesting clients at the moment.

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