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How we used Microsoft Teams to improve processes and maintain high levels of user adoption.



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About the client

ENT Oilfield is an Alberta-based company that specializes in innovative industrial lifting and hauling solutions. With one of the largest picker truck fleets in Western Canada, ENT has several field service teams working across multiple locations at any given time.

ENT Oilfield used to be part of a larger organization, ENTREC, that went through an aggressive M&A phase, acquiring multiple companies to build out a better offering for their customers. As ENTREC right-sized itself, ENT Oilfield was spun out to new local owners. The goal for the new owners was to  narrow ENT’s scope so that they could build more a more streamlined and competitive foothold in the industrial picking and hauling industry.

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Project overview

With the narrowed focus to ENT Oilfield, the leadership team felt it was a good time to migrate their SharePoint Classic intranet, Jack, to SharePoint Online, which had a host of beneficial new features, and to figure out ways to improve the user experience and usability.

Problem Statement

At ENT, there are multiple processes and communications between field service staff and the central offices. Most of these involve some form of manual data capture and then manual digitization. So we wanted to find a way to make these processes more efficient and hopefully automate part of them. But the real kicker—the field service teams refuse to use email.

So, how might we use software to make operations more efficient for the office staff, but in such a way that the field staff would be willing to adopt?

The outcome

  1. Moving away from email and using Teams as the central dashboard for field service workers
  2. Streamlining team communication, information storage, and record-keeping to feel more accessible, collaborative, and transparent
  3. Changing mindsets so that when we look at a repeatable or frequently used process, we think about how an app within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem could help us improve efficiency without incurring more costs
  4. Empowering frontline staff to explore these new process improvements
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Using Teams as the ‘window’ into Microsoft 365 provides a consistent approach for field staff as we tackle transformational shifts in our processes, while ensuring that office staff maintain full ownership.

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We have now automated processes that used to require multiple touch points and data entry. Punchcard understood the importance of buy in, and created user friendly solutions that have improved compliance and productivity.

Project by the numbers


hub modern intranet.




collaboration sites.


trained champions.




SharePoint pages.

The solution

Working with ENT, we were able to help them digitize and automate a lot of their processes, and we did it in a way that fit within their culture and constraints. But when we reflect back on this project, the outputs are these streamlined functions, new communication channels, and improved processes, but the true outcome of the project was transforming the culture and mindset of the field and office teams.

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