2024 Digital Workplace Trends: Q&A With Mark Morris

Mark brings over a decade of experience in bridging the gap between business and technology using Microsoft's growing suite of applications.
Digital Workplace February 2, 2024

Faaiza Ramji

Our team at Punchcard has put in a lot of work to prepare for what’s to come in 2024 so that we’re ready to support our clients to find solutions to new problems.

We asked our digital workplace practice lead, Mark Morris, to share what he sees as the biggest trends in digital workplace.

Q: What is digital workplace?

Digital workplace is a holistic approach to transforming how employees work. This includes culture, strategy and employee experience.

Digital workplaces use digital technology to transform how people work and create a more flexible, productive and engaged team.

Q: How will digital workplace change in 2024?

The biggest change is that AI will be everywhere— and it will be more important than ever for companies to know how they are going to adapt to AI.

Q: What trends will we see in 2024?

  1. AI is big, really big. We’ll see it play a large role in all levels of work, from frontline to exec.
  2. Remote work is here to stay. Employers need to find a way to make remote work a part of their employee experience.
  3. Virtual and augmented reality will be big. Expect this technology to show up in training, remote work and customer service.
  4. Information security and digital workplace go hand-in-hand. We’ll see more emphasis on staying safe and secure online, especially around AI.
  5. Employee experience is important. Supporting employees so that they feel productive and happy will continue to be a priority.
  6. Sharepoint Premium is here. This new tool blends AI, automation and security, checking off a lot of boxes for companies.

Q: How do these trends affect Punchcard in 2024?

We’re investing in employee growth in all of the trending areas so that our clients can stay ahead of the competition by getting the most from their digital workplace.

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