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Most organizations have the right tools to create an effective digital workplace—they just aren’t being used to their full potential. Fill out this assessment and we’ll send you personalized recommendations for how to use your tools better.

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Implementing any new initiative takes a bit of work. Here’s how we recommend getting your organization ready for your upcoming Digital Workplace initiatives.

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Find champions in your organization

This work can’t be done in a silo; all departments and teams need to be engaged. In our experience, finding champions across different areas of business helps buy in, and makes change feel like it’s as much bottom up as is it top down.

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Build digital workplace outcomes into your strategic plans

If it isn’t a priority outcome for the business, it’s never going to get done. Put some of your most valued digital workplace initiatives on your company’s strategic plan, and ensure that there is accountability for the outcome.

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Leverage funding to offset costs

The Government of Canada recently announced the Boost Your Business Technology program as part of its Canadian Digital Adoption Program, in an effort to encourage businesses to leverage digital technology within their businesses.Punchcard is a verified Digital Advisor in the program, and we can help you leverage these funds to action some of your digital priorities.

Showcase: Legal Aid Alberta

LAA asked us to redevelop its intranet site, ‘The Loop’, in a way that the Communications and Human Resources teams could manage changes and build on it for years to come. It had to have an easy-to-use interface and content management functionality that would allow quick updates of content with no need for custom coding.

Leveraging existing Microsoft 365 technologies

We proposed a solution that leveraged all the current Microsoft 365 technologies and organized the content in a way that met the needs of the individual users and distinct LAA business units. We also put in place a new governance plan where each business unit was assigned a 'champion' who was trained to add and edit content on their section of the intranet, thereby reducing the workload for the Communications and Human Resources staff.

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"The Punchcard team was with us every step of the way for our intranet redesign. We are grateful for their insights, expertise, and guidance throughout the project. Our team members LOVE their new Loop!”

Samantha Busby, Legal Aid Alberta

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