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Timesheet Software

Rapid, customizable timesheet software at the cost of an off-the-shelf solution.

A component of our Efficiency Solution Series, Timesheets is a rapid application that enables the Punchcard team to quickly implement a customized field timesheet for clients.

Our Efficiency Solutions use foundational templates to reduce the amount of effort (and cost) required to create a customized solution. Within our Efficiency Solutions, we have the ability to implement proprietary rules, unique processes and custom user interface requirements. The benefits of starting with a Punchcard Efficiency Solution include:

  • Faster time to project completion
  • Reduction of testing requirements
  • Mitigation of technical risks and challenges

Powered by the .NET Framework, SQL Server, and AngularJS, Timesheets focuses on providing functionality for timesheet capture, process and review, reporting, and integration with your ERP platform (such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV) for payroll processing.

Timesheet Software Features

Timesheet Software Edmonton

Timesheet Capture

Our timecard interface has hooks for geography, branches, activities, cost codes and job information, enabling highly detailed timesheets without overloading your staff.

Timesheet Software Edmonton

Approval Workflow

Streamline your employee timesheet approval through automated notifications, updates, and manager review processes.

Timesheet Software Edmonton

Reporting and Documentation

Powerful behind-the-scenes reporting and dashboarding ensures that your managers and payroll administrators have access to on-going productivity data.

Timesheet Software Edmonton

ERP Integration

Timesheets integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to facilitate your payroll processing workflow: automated rollup and export of activities, cost codes, and rates.

Timesheet Software Edmonton

Mobile Responsive

Empower your employees to complete their timesheets on site, in the office, or on the road. Timesheets is fully responsive and accessible via desktop or mobile.

Timesheet Software Edmonton

Overtime Rules and Stat Holidays

Timesheets models statutory holiday requirements and daily/weekly overtime rules for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

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