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Our custom applications transform how information is used and help you achieve more by doing less.

Slow, poorly developed software is terribly frustrating to use and can get in the way of people doing their jobs. The custom applications and software we build helps make organizations—and by direct extension, their people— more effective. At Punchcard, we aim to build dependable, intuitive software that works with your processes, people, and overall objectives.

At our roots, we’re web application developers. We’ve been building websites since the advent of Netscape Navigator. We’ve been building web applications since Microsoft .NET 1.0. We’ve built solutions on top of every version of SharePoint, and we’ve deployed tools to all types of cloud infrastructure, like Microsoft Azure.

By 2020, there will be 1.5 mobile devices per capita. There will be 11.6 billion mobile-connected devices by 2020—exceeding the world’s projected population at that time (7.8 billion).

— Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2015–2020 White Paper, Cisco®

It’s not about the web browser; it’s about the web experience.

Design for mobile.

Employees are going mobile. We’re expecting more and more out of them while in the field, working away from the office, engaging with customers and stakeholders. Being a productive employee means being able to access work on mobile devices, online or offline. Are you setting your staff up for success?

Design for different screens.

Designing only for small mobile screens is short-sighted. When we build custom applications, our team is thinking about how data, forms and interfaces will look on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and massive flat screen televisions in boardrooms.

Design for offline.

In urban centres we often take cellular data and wifi for granted, but many of our clients are remote workers and don’t have the luxury of a network or stable connection. Thinking about usage and devices enables us to build the best custom application for you and your specific cirmcumstances.

“I think we need a database.”

Data powers today’s businesses, so we definitely understand this request. We often work with our clients to design and implement small, purpose-built tools, like internal databases that collect, process, and store valuable information for your organization.

Case Study

Flit: A Family Literacy Toolkit

The Centre for Family Literacy is dedicated to helping families grow and prosper. Through programs focused on both adult and family literacy, the CFL helps Alberta families achieve what they imagine—improved education, jobs, and health.

Last year, the team at the CFL approached us with a simple challenge: we need an app. After working collaboratively, and with support from the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Centre and Punchcard launched Flit, or Families Learning and Interacting Together.

Composed of over 100 activities in eight categories focused on literacy and numeracy development, the purpose of the app is to put a toolkit in the hands of Alberta parents for everyday family literacy.

Flit takes advantage of the Ionic Framework, which enabled our team to rapidly design and develop this app, while planning for cross-platform (iOS and Android) deployment.

Download it from the App Store

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