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We build high-quality, intuitive and scalable solutions for enterprises and innovators. We only build mobile apps that will make a difference. Maybe we will help save you money, maybe we will help save you time or maybe we will help generate new opportunities with clients and stakeholders.

Our mobile software is intelligently planned and smartly designed, ensuring that once your app is in the App Store or Google Play, your stakeholders are engaging with your brand in the most positive way possible. We are highly experienced in apps across all devices including iPhones, Androids and Windows phone.

Think of us as your digital partner: we’re here to help get your vision for a mobile app to market, and although we don’t like to brag, we’re really good at it.

Case Study

flit! A Family Literacy Toolkit

The Centre for Family Literacy is dedicated to helping families grow and prosper. Through programs focused on both adult and family literacy, the CFL helps Alberta families achieve what they imagine—improved education, jobs, and health.

Last year the team at the CFL approached us with a simple request: we need an app. After working collaboratively and with additional support from the Edmonton Community Foundation, the CFL and Punchcard launched Flit, or Families Learning and Interacting Together.

Composed of over 100 activities in eight categories focused on literacy and numeracy development, the purpose of the app is to put a toolkit in the hands of Alberta parents for everyday family literacy.

Flit takes advantage of the Ionic Framework, which enabled our team to rapidly design and develop this app, while planning for cross-platform (iOS and Android) deployment.

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Flit for iPhone App

Why do we think mobile?

Your customers are mobile.

Today’s customers expect creative communication. Mobile technologies in the form of iPhone or Android apps, or even mobile responsive websites, ensure that you’re not leaving valuable opportunities on the table. Drive higher impact interactions, higher customer satisfaction and ultimately, higher sales using mobile tech.

Your employees are mobile.

There’s an increasing expectation from both employers and employees to be mobile. The idea of work productivity now greatly relies on rapid communication through email and intranets via laptops, tablets and smartphones. Productivity is most heavily reliant on whether you are connected (or not).

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